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TUMIK was borned in 1982 at the initiative of a group of young uruguayan professionals who with a great deal of enthusiasm started import and distribution activities to offer national enterprises the possibility of acquiring state of the art equipment and components, and also of attending training courses to improve their knowledge. Tumik is today the main security distributor in Uruguay and is gradually establishing itself at a Latin American level too thanks not only to its unrelenting effort, but also greatly to the support of various factories and suppliers who have trusted it and therefore made them their exclusive distributors for the area.



VISION: TUMIK aims at being the option in distribution and at contributing to society by offering it, increased security through its products and the professionalism of its collaborators.

MISSION: Offering solutions to installer companies by supplying materials for their jobs, by advising them on the projects and by training them in the use of the new products.

PRINCIPLES: We find that certain local sayings summarize our principles very effectively:

"Knowledge takes up no space"

"Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today"

"Attitude is a small detail which makes a great difference"


"Customer satisfaction."

"Unbeatable service in consulting and product warranty."

"Promoting new security products.

"Distributing high quality products which
honour the
Price/Quality ratio, having a                   permanent  stock of articles."

"Place security systems within the population's reach.

"Growth inside and outside our country."

"Professional development of our staff through updated training.

"Assist our suppliers so that they can improve the features of their products
and they can be proud of our work and representation."

Our trajectory....

Coquimbo 2025 - Montevideo - 11800 - Uruguay - Tel.:(598-2) 208 4767*- Fax.:(598-2) 200 7294